Who We Are
Drentha is a unit of Dagorhir, a full-contact medieval combat sport, based out of Grove City, PA. 13528652_1347819498562377_6995117982062459337_n Drentha's members bring medieval fantasy worlds to life by hosting weekly fighter practices, attending Dagorhir events around the country, and nurturing a tight-knit community of craftsmanship and artistry.
Drentha participates in unscripted medieval melee combat, and our veteran fighters have earned a national reputation on the battlefield. We also encourage our members to make all their own equipment, crafting historically inspired clothing, weapons, and camp gear of the highest standards of quality. Our members have won national awards for craftsmanship, and several are recognized as leading experts in their disciplines by the national Dagorhir community. We share these skills with the wider world of Dagorhir by writing tutorials and teaching classes, and we welcome new members into our unit who wish to learn these skills for themselves. We blend our passion for fighting and craftsmanship with a serious commitment to not taking ourselves too seriously. We challenge the rest of Dagorhir to pursue excellence on and off the battlefield for the joy of an immersive experience.
Drentha hosts local battles and practice in the Grove City, PA area. Its members also attend regional events along the East Coast, including Dagorhir's largest annual event, Ragnarok. At these events we fight hard, party quietly, and do our part to contribute to the events' success through active volunteerism. Several of our members are active merchants within the Dagorhir community, selling full-contact padded weapons and historical clothing.
Drentha welcomes members from many walks of life. Our fighters include teachers and college students, union workers, a geologist, an archaeologist, and a cook. What unites us is our shared commitment to quality without elitism, a belief that high personal standards make more fun for everyone, and the conviction that excellence is a skill that anyone can learn with the right attitude.
Join us, and we'll help you get the most from your Dagorhir experience!
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Connect on Facebook

We have an active facebook group through which we discuss news, meeting times, and general Drentha shenanigans. Please join if you would like to learn more about us. This is the best way to connect with Drentha.

Weekly practice

We meet in Memorial Park (Grove City, PA) most Sundays at 1.00pm. Visitors are welcome! Contact us through facebook or email to confirm that we are meeting on the week you choose to visit, as we sometimes travel out of town to events.

Email us

Don't have facebook but still want to get in touch? Email us using the contact form, below.

How do I join?

Come to a weekly meeting, sign a waiver, and join in the fun! We welcome all participants over the age of 16 (under 18 must bring a parent, and have their waiver signed by a notary). You are welcome to attend our practices without joining Drentha. For those who wish to join, there is a straightforward process we follow. You must first attend at least four practices or out-of-town events with Drentha so we can get to know you. If we get on well together, you may express your desire to join, and must then find two Drentha members who will sponsor you and guide you through the petitioning process. Once you've found your mentors, you will be welcomed into Drentha as a probationary member (there's a little ceremony), and must then work toward full membership by attending practices, making weapons and medieval clothing ('garb'), and inventing a simple roleplay character for yourself. After you've been to at least eight practices with us and have met all the other requirements, you'll be welcomed as a full member of Drentha. 16113911_1613662208644770_8814238775216534778_n From there, you can continue to develop your skills and proficiencies by working toward honorary titles within the group. We're firm believers that self-improvement is a continuing journey and its own reward. But we also know the value of goals and structure to keep our motivation sharp! You can read more about joining Drentha, our ranks and titles, our expectations, and our governing structure in our bylaws.
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Craft Blog

We enjoy our craftsmanship just as much as our fighting, and Drentha makes a wonderful range of projects as we participate in Dagorhir. These projects range from Dagorhir weapons to reproductions of medieval clothing and everyday goods to camp tents and furniture. We've started sharing these projects on a group blog, which you can read here.

Recent posts:

Roman Belt Pouch

Last Ragnarok I was annoyed by my lack of an appropriate Late Roman belt pouch. So one of my projects for this year became fixing that problem. But first, I […]

Late Roman Paenula Cloak

I needed a cloak for events, both to keep the rain off and to keep myself warm—since I moved to upstate New York and cold is a thing that sometimes […]

Late Antique Tunic Tutorial

Late Antique Tunic This tutorial will provide another approach to making tunics. The pattern difficulty lies somewhere between the basic T tunic and the classic bockstein. Time and Place This […]

Late Antique Trousers-Patterns and Comparisons

Late Antique Trousers In this section I’ll provide step-by-step information for making your own late antique trousers–fitted trousers with plenty of room to maneuver. I arrived at these instructions after […]

Dagorhir Feast

Dagorhir Feast

My Drentha Cooking Apprentice Feast was made for Peasant Revolt on 9/2/2017 at Slippery Rock University. I believe I put together an excellent Peasant Revolt Dagorhir feast by making Latvian […]

Anglo-Saxon skirmishing shield

Anglo-Saxon skirmishing shield

I own a large battleshield of which I am very proud. This shield was carefully researched and constructed to look as much like the shields of sixth century England as […]

Garb your Children!

Braies Measurements needed: Inseam – I Outseam – O Waist – W Front of waist between legs to back of the waist – C (make sure this measurement is comfortably […]


the easiest way to contact Drentha is through our Facebook group, but you can also reach us via email by filling out the following form:


Drentha's Bylaws

Drentha's bylaws describe the ranks, titles, and awards that some of our members work to achieve, as well as the governing structure for the organization.

The current bylaws were approved by the Werod (members) on 1 May 2016 and revised 17 January 2017.

Drentha Bylaws - 17 Jan 2017.pdf