Roman Belt Pouch

Last Ragnarok I was annoyed by my lack of an appropriate Late Roman belt pouch. So one of my projects for this year became fixing that problem. But first, I had to figure out what would count as appropriate. None of my artistic sources depict belt pouches, and yet, they seem like imminently sensible things […]

Late Roman Paenula Cloak

I needed a cloak for events, both to keep the rain off and to keep myself warm—since I moved to upstate New York and cold is a thing that sometimes happens there. Before I finished my MA I spent some time with a German book that was all about late Roman/early Byzantine hats and head-coverings […]

Late Antique Tunic Tutorial

Late Antique Tunic This tutorial will provide another approach to making tunics. The pattern difficulty lies somewhere between the basic T tunic and the classic bockstein. Time and Place This type of tunic is attested by artistic evidence from all over Europe, North Africa, and the Near East during the late Roman Empire, but the […]

Late Antique Trousers-Patterns and Comparisons

Late Antique Trousers In this section I’ll provide step-by-step information for making your own late antique trousers–fitted trousers with plenty of room to maneuver. I arrived at these instructions after studying two articles which detailed 5 pairs of late antique pants. There was a lot of variation among these examples, but they all had certain […]