Dagorhir Feast

My Drentha Cooking Apprentice Feast was made for Peasant Revolt on 9/2/2017 at Slippery Rock University. I believe I put together an excellent Peasant Revolt Dagorhir feast by making Latvian Serf Food.   The menu was:                                                                 Reviews:   Apprentice Dish Summer Solstice Cheese,         A caraway seed butter cheese.                                                    Big hit, fully half vanished during […]

Anglo-Saxon skirmishing shield

I own a large battleshield of which I am very proud. This shield was carefully researched and constructed to look as much like the shields of sixth century England as I could achieve in foam, including small details like a metal handle forged by a blacksmith in imitation of the originals. This battleshield is, however, […]

A hearty briw

Bread was hard to make in the early middle ages. If you didn’t have a water mill (and people in sixth-century England didn’t), you had to grind it by hand. The flour to bake a single day’s bread might take four hours to grind. If you were wealthy and could afford to task a few […]

Anglo-Saxon wheat and rye bread: Take 1 & Take 2

For several months, I’ve been following a wonderful new blog that’s all about bread. Early medieval English bread, to be precise. (Fiaren has also been reading this blog, and posted about it here.) The blog’s authors, Debby Banham (University of Cambridge) and Martha Bayless (University of Oregon), explain that bread in the early middle ages was […]

Feathered Renaissance Brimmed Hat

Mara’ramja! Fyaren back again with another sewing project for my new Renaissance-inspired Kender Paladin kit–a doofy hat!  In my mundane life I really love to wear hats, but it’s always brought on me a certain agony…how could I possibly ever cover my majestic topknot!?  Well, most people don’t know this, but Kender can wear many […]

DIY dipped latex elf ear tips

Mara’ramja, hello all! It’s Fyaren again, this time with a cheap, fun latex ear tip project you can make at home!  Finally: get the small expensive look of subtle silicone tips for the price (and maintenance) of familiar latex, match the base ear color to your skin tone, craft that perfect upturned ear tip shape, […]

Bean and Oat cakes: proof of concept for unleavened, gluten free, chewy carbs at campouts!

Hello Drentha! Fyaren here again.  Camping at Ragnarok, the largest event for our sport Dagorhir, is a fantastic but taxing experience in all aspects.  For campers with food allergies, like myself, hassle-free food alternatives are essential for fueling an active, healthy character all week long!  Alric gave me a fun article on early Anglo-Saxon breads (I […]

Gravity-fed Foam Rock Pouch

Mara’ramja everyone! Fyaren here, your friendly neighborhood Kender knight-errant of Drentha.  In my travels, I’ve come across the issue of not having more than two arms to hold weapons (but then, hasn’t everyone?).  More specifically, myself and other Kender are often looking for neat places to stow our hoopak rocks—in shirts, under armor, tucked into […]

Earthenware cookpot attempt #2

This is the second post from the old, archived Dagorhir forums about my cook pot experiments from back in 2010. In the first attempt, I managed to boil water, but the pot did not survive. In this, my second, I managed to successfully correct my earlier mistakes and the pot performed perfectly (grog in the […]