Feathered Renaissance Brimmed Hat

Mara’ramja! Fyaren back again with another sewing project for my new Renaissance-inspired Kender Paladin kit–a doofy hat!  In my mundane life I really love to wear hats, but it’s always brought on me a certain agony…how could I possibly ever cover my majestic topknot!?  Well, most people don’t know this, but Kender can wear many […]

DIY dipped latex elf ear tips

Mara’ramja, hello all! It’s Fyaren again, this time with a cheap, fun latex ear tip project you can make at home!  Finally: get the small expensive look of subtle silicone tips for the price (and maintenance) of familiar latex, match the base ear color to your skin tone, craft that perfect upturned ear tip shape, […]

Bean and Oat cakes: proof of concept for unleavened, gluten free, chewy carbs at campouts!

Hello Drentha! Fyaren here again.  Camping at Ragnarok, the largest event for our sport Dagorhir, is a fantastic but taxing experience in all aspects.  For campers with food allergies, like myself, hassle-free food alternatives are essential for fueling an active, healthy character all week long!  Alric gave me a fun article on early Anglo-Saxon breads (I […]

Bound leather sword handles

Back when I was first joining Drentha in 2010, I would make leather handles by wrapping them with a long strip. This looked okay, but took a lot of leather (that also wasn’t always easy to get in a correctly-shaped scrap). Now that I have a bit more experience, my methods have improved, and I […]